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Like No Other is the strategic marketing agency and startup studio of Stuart Goulden.

By day, their breakthrough thinking and flawless execution helps ambitious brands and cities to envision and create a better future. By night, they’re prolific instigators of our their ideas, challenging tired sectors and bringing innovative products and services to market.

Like No Other is a marketing agency of one and many, operating as a borderless network of creatives, strategists, dreamers, technologists, developers, storytellers and designers.

They lend their original thinking and engaging storytelling to making things better and mak better things with brands people are happy exist. No exceptions. (official website)

Stuart Goulden

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Stuart Goulden
+44 (0)1904 530057

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Why don’t we just… make the tech scene a force for good?

Like No Other issues a rallying call for coders, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and creatives to seek innovation that pushes the world forward. logo
Stuart Goulden: liberating video production

Every brand holds an inherent drama. Unlock it and you have your USP. Share it and you have the start of a good story. Stuart discusses the changing face of studio productions. logo
News start-up picks up major European awar

OtherWorld, a technology-led news pilot by Like No Other, awarded 'Best Digital News Start-Up' at the 2018 European Digital Media Awards in Copenhagen logo
This Unique New Technology Hopes to Turn Your City’s Streets Into Your News Homepage

The people of Manchester, UK, recently gained access to an entirely new way to access local news and engage with their city: OtherWorld, a pilot news experiment from startup studio Like No Other and Google.

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For press and media inquiries send me an email at or contact me via +44 (0)1904 530057.

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